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Shopping for affordable home décor items for fall and winter? Don't forget to include bed pieces as well as rugs and mats in your list. They sure will keep you comfortable during the coming cold months. Z Gallerie offers everything you need.

Start your list with beddings such as the Bella Bedding in Charcoal. Prices start at $29.95 for this basic bedding set. Throw in the pillow too. Black or charcoal matches any color including the 18" Carnation Orchid Pillow. The item is currently on sale and is available for only $24.89. Complete the comfort with the Braided Herrington Rug which can comfortably occupy your bed or living room floor. The item is also on sale for only $199.89.

affordable home decor

Aside from bedroom buddies, I'm sure you won't forget the decorations too. Starting with Halloween, the ceramic pumpkins are the best. These cost $36 and are better alternatives to real Halloween pumpkins. Candles are always present during Halloween too. In relation to that, you'll love the Black Glitter Candle Cat for only $4.95. You may also light candles through pillar holders, candelabras, and wall sconces. Check out the 17.5", black Phantom Pillar Holder ($24.95), black Phantom Candelabra ($39.95), Midnight Candelabra ($39.95) and the Midnight Wall Sconce ($49.95) for candle décor ideas.

Jars are perfect too. Serve Halloween drinks with elegant jars. Check out stylish Montebello Jars. The clear version is available at $49.95 while the silver is sold $89.95. Francesca Jars for $49.95 each piece are also lovely either empty or when filled. The Apothecary Beverage Dispenser, currently on sale at $39.99 will complete your list of hot Halloween items.

Shop for decorations and ornaments for the Christmas holidays as well. It's never too early to do so. Start shopping affordable home décor for Christmas now and avoid the holiday rush.

Among ornaments, balls and stars are bestsellers no matter how you spend your Christmas. Try the Glass Ornaments in red or silver for only $8. For unique Christmas balls, the Hobnail Ornament (also at $8) is a perfect piece.

Starburst ornaments in silver and other colors can fill out your list of balls and stars for Christmas. The 6 Point Hanging Starburst ($3 only) in silver is also superb along with the Hanging Starburst (also available at $3) and the Poinsettia Ornament ($10). The latter can are in festive red color which are surely going to accentuate your home on Christmas.

More additional Christmas decorations and accessories include the Snowfall trees ($36), the 6-piece Cellini Glassware set ($59.70), and the 4-piece Optic Stemware set ($23.96). Never forget the reindeers as well. The Majestic Deer in Gold or Silver ($18) and the White Reindeer at $30 are the best affordable reindeer decorations you will ever see.

affordable home decor